Father of The Bride Writes A Song For Her Wedding Video And There Isn't A Dry Eye In The Place

When this talented father of the bride was put in charge of the wedding rehearsal dinner slideshow, he did the ultimate.

After gathering photos from both sides of the family, the father of the bride wrote this adorable, heart warming song sharing the couple's love story. Their growing up, coming together, their proposal, their engagement. All wonderfully told through music.

Milestone Slideshows created this beauty of a wedding video for Lindsay and Tim's biggest day ever and we were so excited to hear everyone was emotional. Of course, we knew that would happen. Stick around to the end. You'll see why.

The Ballad of Lindsay and Tim
Lyrics & Music by Gregg Rivoir

As you prepare for your wedding, don’t forget the importance of telling your story. Don’t forget that although everyone in the room loves you deeply, they may not know you as well as they’d hoped. They want to be connected. They want you to share your story.

make slideshows that tell stories using your photos, videos, and music. Begin your life’s illustration at https://milestoneslideshows.com 

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Video Playing Software

Lights, Camera, Options!
Choosing a video player for presenting your Milestone Slideshow

In today's world, video is everywhere.

It's on virtually every kind of

media that can support it - social

media, billboards, highway overpass

signs. Clearly, video is the most

engaging and persuasive content

delivery mechanism. It's not just for

TV and movies anymore.


There are many software products that can be used to play a video slideshow. But which video product is best for your needs? Let's first look at how you are wanting to display your slideshow video - privately or for public enjoyment. 

Playing your video in a private setting can easily be accomplished on a computer, smartTV, phone, or tablet. With the exception of the computer, you probably won't need to download an additional video player. Most devices come equipped with software that can get it done.

The exception is your computer. If you own a Mac, good news - you don't have to do anything. Just click on your video and watch it. It will even choose the best resolution for you. If you have a PC, you have some options.

Of course, there is the Windows Media Player. It comes standard in many machines but if yours didn't (looking at you, Windows 10) you can download software for free if you don't mind a little hassle. We'll discuss some of those below.

Playing your video at a public event is easily done but there are a few details to consider. Is your slideshow going to be played for a captive audience or as background intended as a conversation starter? If playing for a captive audience, you'll also want to consider how you will include the audio.

For a slideshow played before and audience, you will also want to ensure the control display (the overlay graphic containing the buttons for Play, Pause, Skip, etc.) will not be on during your video's performance. This can easily be done in the Settings Menu in Media Player, Kodi, and the VLC Media Player.


Unfortunately, most DVD players do not support the most common video formats. For a DVD player to recognize your video, your slideshow must be a VOB file specially encoded for the DVD format. There are video conversion software products that can create playable DVDs but by far the easiest way to play your slideshow on a DVD player is by ordering a custom DVD from Milestone Slideshows. Our DVDs are guaranteed and they come with custom artwork on the DVD and case.

Playing a Milestone Slideshows video is easy because you can do it on any electronic device that supports mp4, AVI, mov, VOB, or mpg files. Generally, Milestone Slideshows delivers mp4 videos electronically as it is the most widely useable video format capable of playing almost anywhere. This includes SmartTVs and phones, computers, DVD players, tablets, digital photo frames, and more. 

While many video software products can play your video, Milestone Slideshows recommends Windows Media Player, iTunes or Quicktime player, Kodi, or the VLC Media Player.

Have a favorite video software product for displaying your videos? Let us know in the comments below!

How To Scan Your Pictures And Get The Best Photo Quality For Your Slideshow

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s a total cliché but what it means is this: A picture tells a story. One photo can convey expression, emotion, character. It can bring a flood of memories and affect other sensors such as smell and taste. A picture is powerful.

When photos are combined with music and movement, the emotional impact becomes even more powerful than the music or the image alone. That’s what a slideshow does.

If you are in the beginning stages of gathering your photos, this is the time to be thinking about the quality of your pictures. I’m not talking about if the photo is a little blurry or the subject is out of focus. I’m not even referring to red-eye or uneven framing. I am talking about pixels.

If your photos are already in a digital format (preferably jpg or png), you probably don’t need to worry about pixelation problems. Unless of course you took a screenshot of a thumbnail on Facebook. Then we might have some clarity issues. That’s a biggie. We’ll go over that in a new post.


Scanning your photos can easily be done at home and there is no reason to go and buy an expensive scanner for your slideshow. You can get a quality scanner from Amazon for around $70 such as the Epson Perfection V19 Color Photo & Document Scanner or the Canon CanoScan Lide 300 Scanner. Both are inexpensive good quality flatbed scanners.

Epson Perfection V19 Color Photo & Document Scanner

4800 dpi optical resolution

Scan and share on cloud services

Epson Easy Photo Scan software

Fast speeds

Easy-to-use buttons

USB powered

Canon CanoScan Lide 300 Scanner

Fast scanning up to 10 seconds

2400 x 2400 dpi resolution

Fade correction and dust reduction

Auto scan mode

Built in PDF button

Here at Milestone Slideshows, we prefer the All-In-One printer/scanners because they take up less space and photos can be fed or placed scanned on the glass. Our current model is the Canon MX922. It’s more expensive at $399, but it has a lot of features such as Cloud and Mobile printing. You can even print your own DVDs if you’re still into that.

Canon MX922 All-In-One Printer/Scanner

Wireless LAN


Google Cloud Print

Wireless Printing

Mobile Device Printing

CD/DVD Direct Printing

USB 2.0 Hi Speed

You don't have to buy a scanner, but they do come in handy. And if your family is like mine, there is a cardboard box in the attic that is dying to be sorted and scanned.

If you don't want the added expense of purchasing a scanner, you can take your photos to a nearby Walgreens, Walmart, Sam's Club, or Costco. Many of these places have photo kiosks where you can scan your photos and save them on a flash drive or DVD. Some kiosks even offer uploading them to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud.


Now that you have your scanner, let’s talk about your settings. 


When scanning your photos, size and quality of the photo go hand in hand. It’s mostly about the dpi or “dots per inch.” The “dots” are the pixels and the higher the number, the more information. The more information, the better the image quality.

DPI can range from 75dpi into the thousands. Now, you could scan your photos at 4800dpi and that would be a high quality photo. But for your slideshow, it is not necessary. We have done a lot of experimenting and we have found that the perfect dpi for images for our slideshows is 300dpi. Because of the motion of the effects and transitions and that most displays are 4K or less, we simply do not need all that information.

Clear images are best. Again, I’m not talking about blurry photos. Pixelation is the issue. Take a look at these 2 images.

Photo scanned at 75dpi

Resolution 65x37

Photos scanned at 300dpi

Resolution 1920x1080

The image on the right is obviously far superior to the pixelated photo on the left. The picture on the right was scanned at 300 dpi and is large enough for us to apply zooming and panning effects without the image becoming pixelated. And the crowd goes wild!


When scanning your pictures, make sure your edges are straight and they are cropped correctly. We can make some corrections if there is a small rim of white around part of an image but if the photo is scanned with a rotation, some of that photo may not appear in your slideshow. 

Take a look at these 2 images. The 1st photo was placed crooked on the scanner. The 2nd picture represents the crooked photo after it was cropped.


Rotated and Cropped

Now, let’s see the original, perfectly cropped and scanned photo compared to the picture that was scanned with a rotation and cropped.

Original Photo

Crooked and Cropped

You can see that some of the photo is missing and it is slightly turned. Thus, it is important to make sure your photos are placed neatly on your scanner so your entire photo is in your video.


Your settings are set. Your photos are great quality and they are ready to tell their story. Make sure your pictures stay looking great by cleaning your scanner. Smudges and dust particles can build in minutes. Make sure you clean your flatbed scanner’s glass before beginning your project.


Now you are all set to begin scanning your images. If working on a large project, I recommend you set your scanner to place your saved digital photos in their own folder. You can set your scanner up to name your scans with a prefix that your scanner automatically labels each photo. Your pictures can be auto saved in a specific folder and labelled “My-project-scans-001.jpg,” “My-project-scans-002.jpg,” “My-project-scans-003.jpg,” etc. It’s a great way to keep organized.

Once you have all of your photos on your computer, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping them into your slideshow project on our website. From your dashboard, you can arrange your photos and video clips in order and we’ll take it from there!

Wedding Slideshow Giveaway


Win a free wedding rehearsal dinner video from Milestone Slideshows


Wedding season is upon us and with the trials of the past year in the rear view mirror, people are once again planning and attending life's longest standing tradition  - the wedding party.

Right now, there are thousands of weddings being planned across the US as the wedding industry booms back. While 4/10 couples cancelled their wedding plans in 2020, many moved their date to the following year. Add that to the number of weddings that took place in a typical year pre-COVID. That's a lot of cake.

You're going to need a lot of food, drinks, and of course, entertainment. For the wedding day celebrations, you've probably been thinking about your ceremony musicians and your reception band or DJ. For the evening before your wedding, the beginning of your wedding celebration, your reception dinner should have the same consideration. The rehearsal dinner is more than the food and drinks. It's the storytelling.

What better way to share your story with your family, friends, and wedding guests than a movie about your lives both before and after you met and fell in love?

Milestone Slideshow wants to help share your story. That's why we are giving away a beautiful, handcrafted rehearsal dinner slideshow your guests will love. Your photos will be brought to life in a one of a kind video completely timed and choreographed to the music of your choice.

To enter, post your favorite engagement photo with a caption in the Facebook comments and share this post on your social media. While you're at it, please follow us on FB and IG! Contest ends June 28, 2021 @ 12:00am. Good luck and happy sharing!

Music Is The Engine That Drives Your Slideshow

There are many factors to consider when creating a slideshow. The photos of course play a significant role in your video's feel. But the engine that drives your slideshow is your music.

Music creates the speed and the intensity of effects in your slideshow. When a song is has more energy, you can take more risks with extreme slide movements and transitions.

When a slideshow is beautifully synchronized, the emotional impact can be heightened. Photos and music work together to create the mood and expression of the video.

This video slideshow demonstrates some of the techniques we can use to give your photo montage a feisty personality. It also shows that when risks are taken with music choices, the reward can be a wildly energetic one of a kind slideshow.

Top 2021 Slideshow Songs for a Wedding

A wedding rehearsal dinner is a perfect opportunity to share your love story with your family and friends. During dinner, you will have a captive audience and a great chance to provide some fun entertainment. 

As the host of the party, you have the power to break the ice and get a conversation started among your guests. But with great power comes great responsibility. The music you use can entertain an audience or it can turn your party into a Yawn Fest.

We make lots of wedding slideshows. LOTS. So some of us nerds decided to create a spreadsheet with all of the music we have used so far this year, Then we narrowed it down a bit to the most used songs by Milestone Slideshows’ users in 2021.

The list of most requested songs for wedding slideshows this year follows the continuing trend of country music’s popularity. It is also sprinkled with some multi-generational favorites that never seem to go away. Whatever the genre, it’s a really nice mix of super fun and really sweet songs.

Here are the top 25 songs we have been using in our wedding rehearsal dinner slideshows in 2021.

25. I Cross My Heart by George Strait

24. First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes

23. Better Together by Jack Johnson

22. Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban

21. Let Them Be Little by Billy Dean

20. Stealing Cinderella by Chuck Wicks

19. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

18. Best Day Of My Life by American Authors

17. At Last by Etta James

16. 100 Years by Five For Fighting

15. What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

14. Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

13. Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift

12. Photograph by Ed Sheeran

11. Good Riddance by Green Day

10. This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) by Natalie Cole

9. L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole

8. You Are The Best Thing by Ray Lamontagne

7. Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw

6. Forever and Ever Amen by Randy Travis

5. My Girl by The Temptations

4. Marry You by Bruno Mars

3. Forever Young by Rod Stewart

2. My Wish by Rascal Flatts

1. Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder

Year after year, Stevie Wonder tops our wedding slideshow music chart. Come to think of it, this amazing, cross cultured, multi-generational song has remained at the top of our Graduation Slideshows and our Baby’s First Slideshow music list too! It’s not just the catchy tune or the funky vibe that makes this song so good for slideshows. It’s the lyrics - the lyrics Wonder wrote about his daughter, Aisha. The poetic words of a loving father describing the joy of new parenthood.

Isn't she lovely?

Isn't she wonderful?

Isn't she precious?

Less than one minute old

I never thought through love we'd be

Making one as lovely as she

But isn't she lovely made from love?

Isn't she pretty?

Truly the angel's best

Boy, I'm so happy

We have been Heaven-blessed

I can't believe what God has done

Through us, He's given life to one

But isn't she lovely made from love?

Isn't she lovely?

Life and love are the same

Life is Aisha

The meaning of her name

Londie, it could have not been done

Without you who conceived the one

That's so very lovely made from love




When the soon-to-be groom, Manny, approached us with the idea of incorporating their travels into his proposal video slideshow for his girlfriend, we came up with this - a beautiful slideshow montage that highlights the couples' adventures using Google Earth animations, their photos, and their favorite music.

The original concept was a map with an airplane and a red line drawing trips to places Nadia and Manny had visited much like the animations in the Indiana Jones movie series.

We ultimately thought that incorporating Google Earth animations was something new (at least we had never seen it). And since we LOOOVE creating new innovations in slideshows, even with merging another company's technology, we fell in love with it.

We'll be posting a tutorial on how you can make your own travel video using Google Earth with your photos and videos. So be sure to SUBSCRIBE! https://youtube.com/milestoneslideshows

To begin making your own slideshow video montage with Milestone Slideshows, visit our website @ https://milestoneslideshows.com

Learn How To Make A Slideshow with Milestone Slideshows

GOING LIVE | Our first tutorial

Friday, March 19, 2021 will go down in history as our very first live episode of Milestone Live, a real time teaching and learning experience where one of our producers dives deeper into the slideshow production process.

Milestone Slideshow video producer, Kris Bayne, did a fantastic job despite a few audio glitches thrown his way! He handled them like a pro!

This video demonstrates the entire production process beginning at the photo and video clip collection stage. From there, he discusses naming your slideshow and title information. The video continues with creating your Milestone Slideshows account, the various ways to upload your video and photo content to your project, drag and drop arranging and sorting functionality of our website app, adding music to your slideshow, and finally submitting your project to our production team.

Check out the video in the link below for a step by step instructional demonstration of making your slideshow with Milestone Slideshows.

Learn something? Awesome! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and don't forget to start your slideshow project today! 

Virtual Funeral Services and Memorial Slideshows

man holding wife's hand in hospice

Being There When We Can't Be There

People need people. They need companionship. They need each other to heal. Especially in the wake of the loss of a friend or family member.

Nowhere can you see love and friendship on better display than at a funeral. Family comes together to embrace and to heal. With healing comes the sharing of life's special stories - the happy times. The sad times too. It's all part of their loved one's story.

With COVID-19 and other obstacles such as distance, cost, and health concerns, it has become increasingly hard to be social. It has become difficult to connect with each other. To embrace and heal. Many funeral homes and memorial services have closed their doors to the public and limit the number of guests that may attend. So how do you celebrate the life of a loved one with their friends and family?


One way to share your beloved's story is with a memorial slideshow. Pictures and videos put together in a sequence can express feelings and moods. It can bring back a floury of memories in an instant. Adding your loved one's favorite songs makes it even better. Memorial slideshows can be entertaining and heart warming and provide comfort to family.


Similar to slideshows, virtual memorials can include photo montages and video clips, each with elegant effects and timeless transitions. You can add video taped eulogies, quotes, messages, scriptures...anything you can think of that help tell your loved one.


There are many ways to present your tribute video. You can upload your video to your trusted cloud service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc. and share the address to the people you know. 

There are live hosting services as well where guests can interact with each other before, during, and after the video has played. If you are looking to host a virtual memorial, check out Zoom, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Vimeo Live, Twitch, UStream, and OBS. All of these services have free options!

For help making your memorial slideshow or virtual memorial video, head over to MilestoneSlideshows.com. Your memories of your loved one are special to you and we treat them with the respect they deserve. We guarantee a stunning slideshow.